Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am tired of babysitting!!!!!

That is what my husband called me to say yesterday. While I was working. I couldn't help but laugh. Merrick is in her "I am walking so let me destroy everything" phase! Of course I've been there done that.

Here is the conversation:

Chris (C): I am tired of babysitting!
Me: ummm...whom are you babysitting?
C: Merrick our daughter, so far she has broken my mug, pulled everything off
the second shelf of the bamboo thing, pulled the shells off the entry table and she won't stop crying!
Me: Ok...sorry (giggle)
C: Alright I just called to tell you you bye.
Me: Love you too.

I then get a text message shortly after this conversation....

It says: I want my nuts snipped.

To this I busted out laughing to myself in the car!

Then I get a picture mail on my phone about 10 minutes after the text. It's of Merrick sleeping with the caption "sleeping with her cookie".

I call Chris and he says...well I fed her and gave her something to drink and while she was eating her cookie she fell asleep.

Well...apparently she was hungry and mad that he had not fed her yet! The joys of parenting!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not sooo bad....

the teenage party that is. So Emily's party went off pretty well. I do have to say that her friend T's (don't want to use her friends full T for short) Dad is pretty ... ummmm...overkill in the protective department. Now I have met T before and she has always just rubbed me the wrong way. Partly it's her quietness. A quiet teen to me is a sneaky teen. Which she proved and I will get into that later. On to T's Dad. So Emily, Jeff (Emily's Dad) and I head out to the driveway to meet and bring in T and show her to the pool. Well T's Dad wants to talk to Jeff and I. biggie....right? Not the case.

T's Dad goes on to ask if there will be boys at this party. I reply "yes, two neighbour boys are comming with their sisters". He goes on this rant...and yes I mean rant about how they don't want their daughter around boys 13-14 years old. I mean even goes to say "you know I was a boy once and I know what they are thinking of sticking their fingers into". Ummm..yeah dude..really...I.DONT.WANT.TO.EVEN.PICTURE.THAT! Anyway, Jeff and I are standing there thinking "what the hell is wrong with this guy?" Also thinking she is going to have to go home because of the boys. After all his freaking out he leaves and leaves her with us.

From what I understand T's parents fight A LOT and only recently let this child watch even a PG-13 movie amongst other things that she is NOT allowed to do...normal teenage things even. Do these parents realize they are creating a child who in the moment she is out of their sight goes nutso?! starts. Miss T won't leave one of the neighbour boys alone. She is tackling him, smacking him with the pool noodles, doing pretty much anything to get her hands on him. Poor A (again another named shortened for privacy). I felt so bad for him and a little freaked that the kid was gonna go home with bruises because of her. Don't get me wrong...the other kids were just as abusive to the boys but not like her. You could tell she thought he was just cute (he is a very good looking kid) and you could tell she thought that this was going to make him her boyfriend...atleast in her mind! Jeff and I did speak to her and after that she kept her distance.

UNTIL...she spent the night at my house. Emily had T and B spend the night. T spoke two words to me the entire time and didn't even say goodbye or thanks for letting me stay when she left. RUDE! Emily's friend B...I really like her. Nice girl. Would strike up a convo with me. Wasn't being shady or sneaky. Not that I care if they had conversations with me...but atleast if I ask you something don't ignore me or be like..yeah.

Emily got the shock when we told her on Sunday to NEVER shut the baby monitor off again. I got an earful Saturday night before she realized it was on. I was right about T thinking A liked her. Ummm...sorry little one...when a boy tells you your aggravating...your aggravating. PERIOD. I am done. I like all but one of Emily's friends. They all behaved well and everyone had a great time!

Benaiah and his friend Bradley left for their Baseball game mid party. They won!

Until next time.....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Teenagers....OH MY!

So officially today I have started my treck as a parent to a teenager. Emily is now 13 years old.

Yes I said it...13. First off I am having a hard time believing that my daughter is already 13 but that I am actually old enough to have a 13 year old.

So my journey begins. Actually it has begun for awhile now but officially I can say "she is a teenager". She has come a long way in these 13 years. I am a little scared. I thought it was bad when she was a little over 1 year old and she finger painted her crib/walls/self with her poop from the diaper she pulled off 5 minutes after I put her to bed. Then she pulled the little..."lets take a black sharpie to Mommys bedroom and make art." when she was 3. Then there was the time when she kicked her brother straight in the stomach for "annoying her", in the middle of Target. Oh yeah and the time she literally pushed her brother so hard that it knocked him out of his shoes and knocked over a rack of clothes in the middle of a department store. Then there was the beginning of her period...and the mess she left.... . I thought all this was bad.

Well apparently from what the other Mom's of the world tell me, it is going to get worse. MUCH WORSE. Oye vey, I am not sure I am ready for it! What else is there to expect? She already eyerolls and backtalks and boy does she lie...but those can be dealt with and are relatively easy to handle. How much worse can it get?

I am thankful that besides her quirks and teenage antics she is a good kid.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And away we go....

So tomorrow is the big day. Our yearly trip to Florida. We go to the house of the Mouse and visit family and friends. It is ALWAYS a good time.

I am very excited to get to Florida. Especially because this is the first year our Miss Merrick will be seeing Florida and meeting some family members she has not met yet.

So...we pack up our Dodge 4-door extended bed truck and off we go. My only complaint. Parking. I mean I realize being from Florida myself that there are few large truck drivers. Parking for a large vehicle is the suck in Florida. I mean...Downtown Disney we take up TWO FREAKIN SPOTS. It doesn't end there. Everywhere we go in our Big-Ass-Truck we have parking issues. There is handi-cap parking, pregnant woman parking and recently I have seen (atleast here in TX) people with small children parking. Can't they just designate a peice of the lot for Big-Ass-Truck drivers? For atleast places like Downtown Disney. I give a plea to Disney! Make a place for us!

One good thing about driving the Big-Ass-Truck with Texas plates...nobody seems to want to cut you off and nobody seems to mess with you on the highway. I wonder if they think all Big-Ass-Texas-Truck drivers are assumed to be carrying guns or something.

Anyway...we will be heading off tomorrow night. Wish us luck with 2 kids and a 8 1/2 month old in the backseat. This will be a new experience for us! Hopefully Miss Merrick will do well on the Long-Ass-Trip! We drive at night for a reason! The kids tend to sleep! Keep your fingers crossed!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yup....getting older....

My son turned 10 today.

My oldest is 13 in April.

I dyed my hair yet again last night to cover the ever accumalating grays that are very visible after 4 weeks since the last dye job.

I now use skin care products to help with the ever increasing wrinkles on my forehead. They are working. I have noticed the diminished lines from deeper creases to very slight creases! That is a plus!

I have aches where I never had aches before.

I am officially getting OLDER!

This really sucks. I don't like ageing AT ALL!

We were looking at pictures the other day reminising.

Pictures of when we pulled Benaiah's first tooth in the tent at the river. Emily's first catch...a rainbow trout. Then gosh that was only 4 years ago and I still have my youthful glow! I was still officially in my 20's. Why is it you hit your 30's and it's like all downhill from there! Maybe I am upset that I am no longer the MILF. I am overweight and well...I hate it. I need motivation. Even the thought of being in FL in two weeks and the threat of a bathing suit is not motivating me. Oh and the excuse "you just had a baby" is long gone now...that was 8 months ago! *sigh* OK...maybe writing this out is motivation enough.

Anyway, my daughter is beyond beautiful. She is what I was at that age. I look at her and I KNOW I will be threatening boys with a gun...not just me but my husband too! She went to her second school dance this past week. She comes home to inform me that boys were whistling at her and boys were walking up to her asking her name and wanted to know WHO she was! I am in trouble. I thank god she is a bit shy unlike me at that age and older. My gosh...she will be 13 so very soon.

My baby boy...isn't such a baby anymore. I just cannot believe he is 10. I just want my baby boy back again. Not that he is any less a Mamma's boy. He is just growing a just a few short years he will be in college. *gah* The time goes too fast. I am just thankful that, like most mornings he still came into my room and snuggled up next to me and told me he loved me. Those are the times that I cherish.

When we have kids we prepare them for adulthood. Watching them grow is exciting and frustrating and fun and maddening. It doesn't make the saddness that they are growing up any easier. I just want my kids to stay little forever. Is that too much to ask?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Day and My Husband

I decided to do a challange brought forth by "We Are THAT Family". I think it was a wonderful idea to honour my husband for Valentines Day in my blog. Oh how he loves when I blog about him!

Here is the link you to the challenge and read on about my wonderful hubby!

My husband is not to keen about me writing about him in my blog. I always tell him when I do and I usually get quite a few eyerolls because of it. I honestly have to say after years of kissing so many frogs I have found my Prince. He is in my heart my soulmate. Every single day he tells me he loves me. Not just once a day but multiple times a day. I just got a text from him today telling me "I was just thinking how wonderful my life is with you."

My husband is a "manly man". He is 6'-2" and just all MAN! He has a tough exterior but a soft loving heart.

*Here's where I get all mushy and he gets embarrassed reading it.*

He makes my heart melt when he tells me how much I mean to him. I still have a note he wrote me years ago in my car where he told me how much he loved me. How much me being in his life meant to him. I keep it in my car because that is where he left it for me to find. I read it often.

I love that he got sad because I bought him a card for Christmas and didn't make him one (I make cards). There are so many "little" things that he does daily that are so big in my eyes. I couldn't possibly list them all.

Everyday I fall more in love with him. He is a wonderful man, he is my best friend and I am honoured to be his wife.

Happy Valentines MY Superman! I love you!

Don't know if...

I can handle these monthly blood themed conversations with my children. So yesterday I posted about the day befores conversation. Well a new one came about yesterday.

I was walking back into the house from getting something from the trunk. I hear whispering but "just" loud enough that I heard part of it.

Benaiah: "I'm telling Mommy"
Emily: "Don't I won't do it again...shhhhhhh"
Me: " I know your hiding something just tell me...NOW!"

Benaiah blurts out is oh so boyish statement:

"Emily left her vagina blood toilet paper in the toilet AGAIN! It's gross MOM! I go in to pee and I have to first flush her vagina blood toilet paper because she FORGOT to flush it. It's REALLY GROSS MOM!"

Emily (thoroughly embarrassed at this point): "Mom...I just was in a hurry! I am sorry I will make sure it's flushed from now on."

*birds chirp*

Yes, I am fighting back absolute hysterical laughter because I don't want to embarrass my daughter anymore than she already is BUT the situation needs to be addressed.

So...I say "OK just make sure its flushed and Benaiah if there is a next time...make HER flush it. OK?"

"OK Mom!"

*phew* Now I did send them off to bed and had a good giggle about Benaiah being all grossed out. I think he now knows "what emily was doing" yesterday in the bathroom.